Friday, 1 May 2015

Hockey and tennis

What a busy sporting week for Burlington!
It started with the hockey team final on Tuesday at Ulverston Leisure Centre. Well done  to Isaac, Will, Lauren, Lucy, Kira and Alfie firstly for qualifying a few weeks ago and then for a great effort this week. We were a great team, but just not quite the greatest. The battles on pitch were fab to watch and there was no chance of the players getting cold in the freezing wind, unlike myself and Mr Dean!
After the Rugby on Wed and the orienteering on Thur (see reports below), I have just heard that our tennis teams had a successful time at Dowdales this morning. Lauren, Alfie, Will, Brooke, Lucy, Rose, Jacob Code and Euan had a first and second place. This is amazing and puts the A team into the Furness area final.what a fabulous end to the week. After all that hard work I think we deserve 3 days off! Enjoy!


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  2. I'm love'n this blog Mrs Atkinson! a job well done. congratulations on the return!


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