Tuesday, 30 June 2015

3rd Place for Burlington!

Cumbria School Championships 2015

Well done to Burlington for achieving 3rd place in this event at Haverigg on Saturday. It was a big event to enter and we had a fabulous turnout of 12 pupils. It was all very official with the grid start and all the secondary pupils there. Our children were pros and I was proud once again of everyone' efforts. 
The 3rd place came from our 4 top placings: Harvey 2nd Year 5 boys, Sarah 3rd Y6 girls, Ross 4th Y6 Boys and Megan 5th Y5 girls. 
The rest of the team did a great job with some improving times...well done to Ellie, Jess, Lauren, Patrick, Andrew, Isaac, Jacob and Bryn. You were all stars!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Sports day 2015

Well done everyone for a wonderful sports day. Mrs Goodson was snapping pictures and we will put on display in school very soon and on to website.
I was, as always, impressed not only with the quality performances but with the fantastic sporting attitudes. You supported each other,congratulated, cheered and offered kindness. I hope you all enjoyed. Thankyou PTA for keeping us supplied with refreshments.
Next event tomorrow for the tennis players at carlisle school games...blog to follow.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Brockhole orienteering final.

Our team of 14 children from y4,5 and 6 enjoyed a sunny afternoon at Brockhole today. Once again they did us proud in effort, performance and behaviour. I have really seen rapid improvements in everyone over this series of events. The girls (Georgia, Ellie, Sarah, Megan, Lauren and Jess) are creeping up the scoreboards and building their confidence. Yes, you may take twice as long as the boys at the moment girls, but your smiles are twice as wide! Even another teacher commented on the smile factor. It was pleasing to hear so many positive comments. E.g. "I never used to like orienteering but now I love it" and " orienteering is the best sport we do at our School". 
Well done Patrick for your two consistent runs and 3rd places.  Well done to Ross for a first place and I hope you didn't blow that whistle all night long! Second place to Harvey...must have been that super speedy sprint finish...well done! 
Isaac and Bryn also creeping up the placings and showing increased confidence. Andrew managed an impressive sprint finish. Great efforts from Jacob and Ed....consistently reliable team members...there will be other days for you.
Megan recovering from last weeks injury managed three fab runs and is finding her speedy legs.
Think that's everyone...tell me off if I've missed you. Check results on l.o.c. Website. 
Thanks to all transport helpers...it wouldn't have happened without you.
Ooooh nearly forgot to say...Herdie is home!  Baaaaaaaaah!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Fell foot orienteering

13 team burlington pupils descended on Fell Foot today and once again succeeded in going mostly clear on all courses. One or two enjoyed a more scenic route but kept smiling and had fun along the way which is the main thing! 
The sun shone, the ducks waddled, the children laughed and all was well...perfect! 
Check out the results on the LOC site any time now,plus I will print and add to our new sports board in school.
See you all next week for the Brockhole final...
(Oops I left my camera behind so no pics this week sorry!)

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Orienteering at Cartmel

The sun shone for our 14 orienteerers today at Cartmel race course. We are awaiting the official results but I think it was pretty much clears for everyone and some top 20 positions, including top 5 positions from some of the more experienced members of the team. I'm proud of all of you for your attitudes, development and commitment. I know you feel the nerves when lining up at the start, but you are learning to accept them as normal feelings and get on with your run. Well done Andrew, Megan, Ellie, Georgia, Isaac, Jess, Lauren and Sarah  for doing so well as beginners ( you look so confident!)
Also well done Harvey, Ed, Ross, Patrick, Jacob and Bryn for achieving some fabulous placings. 
Go to the lakeland orienteering club  website for results either tonight or more likely tomorrow. 
See you all next week for fell foot. Help with transport needed!
Well done team Burlington ...you stars!

Friday, 1 May 2015

Hockey and tennis

What a busy sporting week for Burlington!
It started with the hockey team final on Tuesday at Ulverston Leisure Centre. Well done  to Isaac, Will, Lauren, Lucy, Kira and Alfie firstly for qualifying a few weeks ago and then for a great effort this week. We were a great team, but just not quite the greatest. The battles on pitch were fab to watch and there was no chance of the players getting cold in the freezing wind, unlike myself and Mr Dean!
After the Rugby on Wed and the orienteering on Thur (see reports below), I have just heard that our tennis teams had a successful time at Dowdales this morning. Lauren, Alfie, Will, Brooke, Lucy, Rose, Jacob Code and Euan had a first and second place. This is amazing and puts the A team into the Furness area final.what a fabulous end to the week. After all that hard work I think we deserve 3 days off! Enjoy!


Burlington took part in their first ever tag rugby tournament on Wed afternoon. They played 4 matches and achieved 4 draws with a try total of around 20. Team players were Bryn, Sarah, Eddie, Georgia, Isaac, Will, Ross, Lauren, Harvey and Jacob.  Thanks to Mr Withers for training the team as I knew nothing about rugby. I'm better now though and even enjoyed joining in with some of the training myself! Well done team! Sorry large picture...but a good shot!

Herdie Returns!

Continuing the "returning" theme, I'm pleased to announce that our beloved Herdie trophy has been won back by the Burlington Team. This was thanks to the increased turnout and raised level of interest after the Barrow Park event.
The team comprised of Isaac Barber,Patrick Stephenson, Eddie Goodson, Andrew Johnston, Harvey Atkinson, Ross Mclachlan, Bryn Southward, Jacob Wiles, Sarah Johnston, Georgia Pass, Megan Coward, Ellie Kirkham and Lauren Conlong. We had an incredible number of clear runs and the more experienced members managed some fast times. The steady clears combined with the speedier results gave us the win, so it really was a team effort. Well done everyone.  We were joint first with Holy Family and so, as that was their first ever win of Herdie they have taken him for the first 3 weeks. He will turn to his favourite grazing ground of Kirkby after that! We were so pleased (Herdie looked pleased too).
As always, every member of our team displayed fantastic attitudes and supported each other.
Next event is on Thursday at Cartmel racecourse. No problems, we've got the thoroughbreds!

Blog returns...

After some time out from blogging I've decided to return for a trial summer period.  I didn't feel people were viewing it and nobody ever comments or likes! So if you like what you read then please interact so I know it's worth keeping going. That's my grumble over and now onto the more important part of reporting on the fantastic efforts of our children at Burlington...

Friday, 23 January 2015

Well Done Gymnasts!

Burlington ks1 and ks2 gymnasts had fantastic results in the key steps competitions at UVHS.  Key stage one (Oliver, Tara, Olivia, Amelia and Daniel) came 3rd and performed really well.  Key stage 2 teams won their competitions (Lucy, Kira, Rose, Jacob C, Alfie, Megan, Harvey, Jess, Georgia, Isaac and Jacob W). Well done all of you and it is pleasing to see more boys in the teams.
It wouldn't happen without the expertise and dedication of Loretta, Tonia and of course, previously Gerry. Many thanks. Good luck with the final in two weeks time!