Thursday, 21 May 2015

Brockhole orienteering final.

Our team of 14 children from y4,5 and 6 enjoyed a sunny afternoon at Brockhole today. Once again they did us proud in effort, performance and behaviour. I have really seen rapid improvements in everyone over this series of events. The girls (Georgia, Ellie, Sarah, Megan, Lauren and Jess) are creeping up the scoreboards and building their confidence. Yes, you may take twice as long as the boys at the moment girls, but your smiles are twice as wide! Even another teacher commented on the smile factor. It was pleasing to hear so many positive comments. E.g. "I never used to like orienteering but now I love it" and " orienteering is the best sport we do at our School". 
Well done Patrick for your two consistent runs and 3rd places.  Well done to Ross for a first place and I hope you didn't blow that whistle all night long! Second place to Harvey...must have been that super speedy sprint finish...well done! 
Isaac and Bryn also creeping up the placings and showing increased confidence. Andrew managed an impressive sprint finish. Great efforts from Jacob and Ed....consistently reliable team members...there will be other days for you.
Megan recovering from last weeks injury managed three fab runs and is finding her speedy legs.
Think that's everyone...tell me off if I've missed you. Check results on l.o.c. Website. 
Thanks to all transport wouldn't have happened without you.
Ooooh nearly forgot to say...Herdie is home!  Baaaaaaaaah!


  1. ross got a whistle |-;,a headband which he looked hilarious in[-; and some maltesers the whistle was annoying


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