Friday, 28 March 2014

Football club starting soon...

Jamie Tyson our volunteer teaching assistant (qualified and crb checked) has kindly offered to start a football club for boys and girls in key stage 2. The sessions will be held after school on Wednesdays.
Start date to be confirmed. The aim is for more participation in small school league and local friendly matches.

Netball: Team B v Dane Ghyll

A strong effort against an even stronger team today. Final score 5-3 to Dane Ghyll so a close game with Burlington playing better in the last 2 quarters.  The winners commented on how tough a match it was so take pride in that girls. It was the only game the B team have lost in this league  and so I suspect that puts them into 2nd place (to be confirmed).
Next match: A team plus boys in Dowdales School Games qualifier next Friday. That should be interesting!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Netballers strike again!

Despite a full day of sport at UVHS the A team girls still had enough energy in reserve for a 12-4 win against Askam A team. You made it look so easy girls! Rotations can be quite a challenge but these girls have got every position covered: They can swap between defence and attack with ease and all are now fabulous shooters. That's the A team's  league finished with 2 wins and 2 losses. A result to be proud of as they have been playing against the best teams in the Furness area.
Team B followed up with a fabulous friendly against Askam B. Final result 10-4 to Burlington. Not bad for David v Goliath! At last the boys got a game and Ross scored some impressive goals whilst Harvey leapt everywhere in defence.  Gravel rash didn't deter Alice as she leapt to her feet and took up her marking position-well done for being so brave and determined. Carrie didn't stop to take a breath as usual and kept up the pressure in defence while scoring some great goals in attack. Megan, Eleanor and Sarah all managed to get themselves into the right place at the right time-great use of channels and determined marking. We'll done! The B team have their last match tomorrow against Dane Ghyll. If they win this one they may well have won their league (no pressure!). Good luck girls.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Netball double success!

Both teams played to their full ability today and came away with a clear win each.  Burlington B set the standard with the first game against Yarlside B and finished with a 5-1 win.  The A team found their true form at last against Yarlside A  and started with a confident couple of goals in the first quarter, finishing with a 7-2 final score win.  We were truly proud of you girls  - your technique was faultless. Well done!
Remind me to get a team photo on Thursday please!
Thursday will see the A team play Askam A at a home. Friday will be the B team v Dane Ghyll at home... a repeat performance would be nice!

Friday, 21 March 2014

Gymnasts perform to perfection

All 3 Burlington gymnastic teams competed in the Furness District finals today at Barrow Park Leisure Centre. Their routines were stunning and the coaches were so proud of them all. We could see how well they channelled their nerves and found the focus needed to perform. This was our first gym final and the standard was so high. Well done key steps 1 for your 2nd place and to key steps 2 & 3 for third place. We will look forward to your displays later in the year!

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Year 1 sports event at Dowdales.

Year 1 children plus Cameron enjoyed an outing to Dowdales for a fun sports event on Friday afternoon. A report and hopefully a photo will follow soon...

Netball Crazy! Burlington A v Ulverston St Mary's

What an exciting game we had ...

The girls set off at a roaring pace, keeping the umpires on our toes from the first whistle!  Burlington dominated the first 3 quarters and refused to slow down despite my requests.  Sorry girls I lost track of who scored (it was such a blur!).  We were 2 goals up at the start of the final quarter; only 6 minutes left to play...surely the victory was ours? Sadly not as St.Mary's responded under pressure and pulled back enough goals in such a short space of time. Final score: 8-6 to U.S.M.
The girls should be seriously pleased with themselves. They took on board feedback from the previous day's defeat and put it all and more into this match. I really felt for you girls, you deserved to win this one. Any time soon...

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Netball league first match...

Burlington A and B played their first matches in the Barrow and district league today against Chetwynde. The B team got off to a confident start with goals scored by Merryn, Eleanor and Alice, backed up by fantastic defence from Team Captain Carrie and Sarah. They won their match which they should be very proud of...keep it up girls!
The A team had a tougher challenge being placed in the first division as a result of being the Novice league winners last year. Merryn and Team Captain Charlotte hit the net to score and once the team settled down we could all see their game improve with some impressive defending from Hattie, Imogen and Abbie. We did lose this one but well done for keeping positive girls...I know you will get the win you deserve soon.

Friday, 7 March 2014

First Class Gymnasts!

Congratulations to our 13 gymnasts who competed at UVHS today.  All 3 teams have qualified for the Furness District final at the end of the month.  A particular congratulations to the youngest team  - Hannah Steel, Lucy Coward, Kira Jones, Caden Uren and Rose Hartley who achieved 1st place out of 5 teams!
The standard in the competitions was high and our girls did us proud. It would be great to see some boys in the teams next year. Good luck with the final girls. Ali Whillance would have been so proud of you all.